Winter Wonderland

So it was more the snow storm that wasn’t. Today was not quite the blizzard that was hyped, and probably didn’t require the many pre-emptive closures called yesterday. Being a Northern Ontario girl, I’m not used to this wide-spread weather panic, nor was I actually been allotted that many snow days in my life. However, it’s still winter. The roads are bad, it’s cold and windy, and it seems no matter how many years we experience it, we still complain. While I yearn for spring, this past weekend gave us a quite a nice winter day in Toronto that just called for some adventuring.

I finally went to Fresh this past weekend! I had heard so many good things about it.  It was delicious and different-it makes you excited about the prospect of healthy eating. The menu is vegan, and includes some gluten-free options.  I enjoyed the grilled vegetable & pesto “unwrap”  (on lettuce instead of in a tortilla) and their amazing sweet potato fries. I’ll definitely be returning.


I also came across a store I had never heard of-David’s Tea. This is a haven for a tea obsessed girl like me. The aesthetic of the place is so charming.  The store carries every tea flavour imaginable. I spotted a tea set or two I’d like to have in my life.


The weekend was not just food & drink – I came across Risque, a lovely clothing store as well, where I just had to make a purchase or two.

I’m trying not to let winter shut down my adventuring, even if the city does 😉




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