Midweek Review

So this may not be the most aptly named blog post, as it is more than halfway through the week, which means I am overdue for a blog post!

Most of my Oscar predictions were spot on, except for Best Director, which went to Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech. There were a lot of mixed opinions on the show in general and the hosts in the media, twitterverse and blogosphere. I personally thought it was a pretty standard Oscar show, not really that different better or worse than recent years. It started off on a high note, and I thought Anne Hathaway put her all into it and looked amazing all night.

Kirk Douglas and Billy Crystal appearances were other highlights for me, as well as auto-tuning movie clips! Melissa Leo let the f-bomb slip during her acceptance speech, and apparently that is the first time that has ever happened during an Oscar telecast!

Of course fashion is one of the most-hyped parts of the show, and I think there was so many great looks this year. My personal favourite was Mila Kunis in a gorgeous lilac Ellie Saab dress.

I think Cate Blanchet took the biggest risk in Givenchy.

Hailee Steinfeld picked the perfect Marchesa dress for her age and the occasion.

Anne Hathaway and some of the winners appeared the next day on Oprah, who had her “day after” Oscar special from the Kodak Theatre for the last time! Sigh, what am I going to do when her show ends! Here’s a video of Katy Perry performing on Oprah’s special with the PS22 choir (PS22 also closed Oscars)!

Until next year!



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