Happy 5th Birthday Twitter!

5 years ago the first Tweet was sent. It’s hard to picture my daily computer/news gathering routine without Twitter, but the microblogging site is still just a toddler!  Twitter has grown and changed so much in the past five years, most importantly in ways that can inform, spread important news and create social change. It used to ask “What are you doing?” and now it asks, “What’s happening?”  I’ve seen many a skeptic cross over to the tweet side! Love it or hate, Twitter has added a new level to the way we get and spread information, as important or frivolous as that information may be. From revolutions and natural disasters to sarcastic observations and musing from your favourite celebrity, Twitter has become a top source for where those connected to it get their news.

I began tweeting in the summer of 2009, but, have only been most active in the past year, especially since last summer as I geared up for my post-grad PR life here in the big city. Centennial College’s corporate communications and public relations program has stressed the importance of Twitter in PR. It’s a great place to connect with those in your industry and stay connected to what’s happening in your own city or around the world. In fact, this Thursday is TwestivalTO, which will be benefiting The Remix Project. It promises “a phenomenon of Torontonians will connect through online social networks, then gather together on March 24 at The Fifth to strengthen relationships and celebrate all the good the local digital community has to offer. It adds up to professional networking, new friends, great times and target $25,000 for The Remix Project.”

Toronto has such an engaged and active Twitter scene. Are you tweeting? Mashable has a guide to Twitter to get you started. Follow me @lisap_88.

Happy Tweeting!



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