Speaking of an education in wonderland…

While this blog’s intent is to be a lifestyle blog experiencing and learning about all the things that Toronto has to offer, I haven’t expressed much about the reason I was able to come to Toronto: Centennial College’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations program.

One of my favourite classes-that also actually inspired the re-launching of this blog- has been the Online Public Relations class. Before I came to this program I was using social media, but was wary of creating any real online presence. This program and particularly this class have made me realize the importance of establishing an online presence, and especially being aware of what it is. I was afraid to say yes, I have Twitter, or express myself via my blog (and actually want others to read it!), but having a class of people learn and experience these things together has helped me gain confidence in my social media self.

I love that this program has validated my belief that social media is important to public relations and that the program addresses it throughout the whole program, not just in this course. Not only does the course highlight the importance of online public relations, it also teaches about the importance of having a strategy behind social media, and examines how it’s used by businesses and individuals, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Having a course dedicated to honing our skills in the online world is important and I believe CC+PR does a great job of teaching us these tools and making us engage with them.

We’ve had an amazing array of guest speakers this year coming from every facet of communications and public relations. Many have shown us how important understanding and utilizing social media for business and your own brand can be. For example, Toronto blogger extraordinaire Casie Stewart talked to our class about how she built a career out of her blog; Andrew F. Stewart of Strategic Objectives spoke to us about the exciting things Strategic Objectives is doing with clients and blogging/social media, and the importance of your online brand; and a team from Praxis Public Relations presented us with the great things they did for the Quaker “Unlock Amazing” campaign, partnering with Olympic gold-medalist Alex Bilodeau.

My online pr course may have ended today, but what I have learned will most certainly not. My blog, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. aren’t going anywhere! I can’t wait to use what I have been learning as I move forward. Thanks, CC+PR.

Check out Centennial’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations program and its co-coordinator Barry Waite on Twitter!


One thought on “Speaking of an education in wonderland…

  1. thecolourofwhimsy

    Such a great post 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. And I completely agree – I was always against blogging, and especially, against Twitter. Ironically, they’re now two of my favourite things (thanks Barry!). This was such a great year and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thanks for being there throughout Lisa. You’re such a great friend ❤ Keep writing!

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