Behind on the Blog and Bossypants.

Well, well someone hasn’t been keeping up with their blogging! Busy times but I have lots of Toronto adventures to share soon. New eats and treats have been discovered and it’s finally (fingers crossed!) getting Spring-like in the city. I’ve been reading & eating & shopping in this wonderful city and have lots of Spring lovely things that I’ve been coveting. The world has been a busy place lately, but I’m re-committing to gathering my thoughts and adventures for the blog!

I can tell you what I am currently enjoying-Tina Fey’s book Bossypants. It’s a quick, hilarious read and continues to prove just how awesome Tina Fey is.

“You know why this book is called Bossypants? One, because the name Two and a Half Men was already taken. And two because ever since I became an executive producer of 30 Rock, people have asked me, “Is it hard for you, being the boss?” and “Is it uncomfortable for you to be the person in charge?” You know, in the same way they say, “Gosh, Mr. Trump, is it awkward for you to be the boss of all those people?” I can’t answer for Mr. Trump, but in my case it is not.”


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