Set Fire to the Rain

What a rainy, thunder-filled night it is! Perfect time for some blogging.

Well, one week ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite artists in concert,  the one & only Adele!  I’ve been a fan since 2007/8, and it was amazing to be able to see her live. Another wonderful part of living in Toronto! The original concert venue was the Kool Haus, it was moved to the ACC due to demand for tickets. While it would have been a dream to see her up-close in a small venue,  Adele worked to make it an intimate performance for all in the arena (by the way, Adele confessed it was her first arena show!). She was utterly charming, funny and of course full of talent. Her performances were emotional and honest, and yet she could get the crowd on their feet dancing and singing along with her up-tempo songs. Adele talked to the audiences like a best friend over tea..or a few cocktails 😉

She performed all but two of her songs of her latest album 21, and several from her debut 19 as well. Now my camera isn’t that great but I’ve included a few pics.

To add a cherry to the top of the amazingness of Adele, the opening band was none other than my new favourite group The Civil Wars (who I’ve mentioned before). I had no idea they were opening for her and was beyond excited to see them live as well!

If you have discovered the beauty of Adele’s or The Civil Wars music, then I highly recommened you check them out! And if you’re already fan, try to get tickets. These two acts are so talented and powerful live, it’s worth every penny!



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