City of Wonder: Bloor-Yorkville and Beyond

I’ve spent a lot of time in Yorkville the past two months and have enjoyed the array of food and shopping (even if means crazing rather than actually purchasing!).  I’ve tried several new restaurants (which is always an adventure for me), become addicted to Whole Foods, and seen so much more of what Toronto has to offer. Oh, and of course drooled over the fabulous shopping which doesn’t quite fit into my budget!

Here are some of my favourite things I’ve encountered in this area recently:






I wouldn’t have thought this New Zealand-themed restaurant/bar would include gluten-free crusts for their pizza (especially on their snack menu), but it did and it’s delicious! I had their Mediterranean pizza and it cured my long time craving for good and non-cardboard textured pizza crusts! With a great rooftop patio in a great area, I definitely want to visit again in the summer heat!




Whole Foods

Well I’ve enjoyed other health food stores in Toronto that have provided me with more gluten-free options, but Whole Foods is a whole other experience! I love having so many different fresh and healthy options to pick up for a delicious, quick lunch. The array of food options for a gluten-free gal like myself are endless. It also is inspiring my cooking repertoire, which in all honestly is in need of expansion! As a former small town girl, I do not take having all these food options for granted.


The Papery

I spent way too much time in the Yorkville location of The Papery trying not to purchase all the adorable stationary, notebooks, pictures and decorative items in sight! I still like to send birthday cards, there’s nothing like getting actual mail that isn’t junk or from the National Student Loans Service. There’s something inspiring about all the organizational potential when being surrounded by journals and address books, even when things aren’t quite that organized at home!



So much pretty. So not in my budget right now.

This aptly named Excursion Tote would be perfect for Toronto Summer adventures!





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