Summer TV Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes you need to cool down indoors in this summer heat and enjoy some relaxation time with some entertaining shows. Summer used to be the season of reality shows, but know we have them year round, 24/7. However, the classics always come back in the summer months. Reality shows aren’t the only ones premiering in the summer months though. I’m just going to fully admit what I’m watching these days, without (too much) shame! Don’t worry I’m doing a lot of reading as well.


1. So You Think You Can Dance (Canadian and American Versions)

I don’t know whose idea it was to run BOTH versions at the same time. Usually the American series runs in the summer and the Canadian one in the fall, but they are both on at the same time, meaning there are dance shows airing four nights and a week and way too many contestants to keep track of at this point. I must admit I am more a follower of the American version, but I’ve been following the Canadian version this summer as well. This hardly classifies as guilty though, it’s about dance! However the sheer volume of hours of tv this means I am watching is not something I am proud of!


2. Big Brother

Oh dear. I used to be a huge Big Brother follower. I watched Seasons 2-8 religiously. If you randomly come across the show it may seem ridiculous and stupid, but trust me you get emotionally involved. Prepare to root for your favourites and want to yell at those you hate. I haven’t seen the show in the past four seasons, ever since they aired a season during the school year (a show on three times a week was too much while in university) but I broke down and caught the premiere last week. There’s already drama, scheming and an exiting houseguest! Big Brother, you’ve hooked me again.


3. Pretty Little Liars

I first dismissed this ABC Family drama last summer when I saw ads for it, thinking I am too old to start watching some teen show. But at the insistence of friends who were obsessed, I started watching and of course immediately became hooked. Its  ‘whodunit’ premise grabs you in, proving to be much more dark than other teen fare. The writing is quite witty and of course has got some hot boys and love stories going on. I’m not going to pretend it’s masterpiece theatre-the plot lines are quite implausible and the mysteries keep changing with new characters always popping up-but Pretty Little Liars is entertaining, dark and funny. I also think it’s nice to see a show where there’s a solid friendship between a group of teenage girls who aren’t constantly scheming against each other-I’m looking at you Blair & Serena.


What are you watching to beat the heat?



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