Welcome, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I’m coming down from my holiday high. It’s always a transition to go from enjoying Christmas celebrations (as I’ve mentioned, I get excited for Christmas in October) to going to regular life- I get a case of the winter blahs.

I had a great time checking out what Toronto has to offer for Christmas- I hit up the One of a Kind Show, Handmade Holiday, City of Craft and most importantly- The Lowe’s Christmas Market! That is a must-see event for any Christmas freak like myself.

Christmas was spent at home with family and friends, overindulging on food and drink. Hmm, think it’s time to check out Toronto’s gyms and yoga studios to whip this lady into shape!

This Christmas I was also, I was spoiled with Tiffany’s and Kate Spade. I used my Christmas windfall to FINALLY make the leap to a smart phone.. I don’t know how an internet/social media obsessed lady like myself was without one for so long (or rather I do-the $$$), but I’ve made the commitment to an IPhone 4.

2011 had its personal challenges and I’m hoping those are behind me. I’m looking forward to what I can back to-building a career, keeping my health together, pursuing my passions seriously, and balancing the budget. Last year school was completed, surgeries were had (which I spent the latter half of the year waiting for, having and recovering from) and I am more than ready to enter the professional world and get myself back out there.

Whether 2011 was your best or your worst, I hope you are entering 2011 with optimism and hope for what you can accomplish. Even if you don’t make resolutions (or if you do and forgot about them by week 3) I hope you use the new calendar year to focus on what you want and how you can make it happen in your life. You deserve it!

Happy New Year, and see you soon Toronto!

L. xoxo


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