Summer in the City 2012

I’m thrilled to experience my second summer in Toronto. I know summer officially begins tomorrow, but with the beautiful weather we’ve had it already feels like it’s here.  I’m not a fan of the humidity (I do not sweat gracefully), but there are endless adventures to be had in this city when it heats up. I have A/C this year, but I’ve quickly learned that a window unit is far inferior to the central air I grew up with. The living room is an icebox, but my room is still hot…trying to negate this problem.

My life circumstances are different from last year – I have an income and better health, but much less free time. Therefore, evening and weekends are when the city can be explored.

And that’s just what I did last weekend. I hit up my first Jay’s game of the season. I may be anything from a sports fan but I am a fan of drinking outdoors.


It was the first time I attended a game where the Jay’s actually won, so turns out I am not a bad luck charm.

NXNE also happened last week and I was able to check out some music at El Mocambo Friday night. I was looking forward to seeing Paper Lions live as I’ve had them on repeat for months now and was super excited to catch them on Friday. They put on an awesome show and solidified my love for them. You have to check out their poppy-rock goodness. They also played another set Saturday in Trinity Bellwoods:


Teenage Kicks also played on Friday. I had heard some buzz around them but wasn’t familiar with their stuff, but I’m glad I stayed witness their set. They are a kick-ass Canadian rock band and put on a great show with their boundless energy.


This is what I love about the city – so much to check out, even in one night! Next on my list is getting back to the Toronto Islands. It’s such a beautiful place and feels like having a getaway without having to stray far from the city.

Another staple from last summer was cherry sodas from Broadview Espresso. They’re back with even more delicious flavours – I’ve recently had cream soda – and they are the perfect cool down treat for a scorcher like today.

I’m looking forward to the official start of summer, even though it’s missing the vacation part.


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