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So last month I realized that it was the two year anniversary of my move to Toronto and that seemed like the perfect idea for a post, especially since I’ve been neglecting my beloved blog for most of the summer (okay, this year in general – hey, I was a busy gal!).

Now that I’ve made some life changes I’ve got some time to focus on my little space here, but with so much time past and so many things that felt backlogged, I didn’t know where to begin.  Now it’s October and my anniversary post is a bit dated, but I’m finally getting back into the blogging grove (and my life grove overall).

Two years in Toronto.

Time has flown for sure. While this city has offered me more opportunities than any other, there is still so much of it I have yet to experience, and so many I have yet to meet. School, work and the times in between  – there’s been a lot of this city I’ve seen but I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface – and I’m starting anew entering my third year in this wonderful place.

I’ve been thinking about some of my favourite experiences I’ve had so far, as well as things that are on my “must do” list. I can’t resist a list.

Favourite Things:

1. Concerts

The abundance of acts available to see in this great city make me giddy, especially having grown up in a place that did not allow for many concert experiences – I’m always looking for a concert buddy! In my time here I’ve been able to see some of my faves: Adele (with The Civil Wars opening!), Mumford & Sons, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray, Paper Lions, Lights. I’m currently looking forward to seeing Joshua Radin & A Fine Frenzy as well as The Who in November.



I’ve been contributing to FASHIONOTES, which combines the latest in fashion & tech. Here’s a sampling:

Top Blogs Turned Books

Top Fashion Brands on Instagram

Top Teen Fashion Bloggers

Trending Tutorial: Ombre Eyes & Lips


3. Toronto Christmas Market

Random choice? Then you don’t know me very well. While everyone else might be is full-on Halloween mode, I would rather head right into Christmas. I want listen to my Christmas carols without shame, damn it! I attended the Christmas Market last year and it’s truly a wonderland for a Christmas feen like myself.  The already enchanting Distillery District comes alive with old-style Christmas magic, based on the Christmas markets in Germany. Shops, food, drinks rides and general jolliness can be found and I can’t wait to go again!



An avid follower of the festival before I even landed in Toronto, I’m sad to say I didn’t make it out to any films this year. Previously I was able to attend a few films each year. I am now looking forward to catching the lauded flicks as they are released in theaters – Argo & Looper are still on my list to see!  (Side note, there are a ton of films coming out that I am looking forward to seeing, especially Les Miserables and The Silver Linings Playbook. Also, I saw Pitch Perfect recently and it was SO FUN. Go see it, seriously.)


5. Toronto Islands

Last year the Toronto Islands were my favourite summer beach destination. They offer a piece of sun & sand right off of the city. Unfortunately, a busy schedule led to me not getting out to the islands this year (I did get my sunning in at Bellwoods), but next summer I am making it a priority. I think of it as one’s of the city’s hidden gems, but if you’ve ever been in the line for a ferry on Canada Day, you know it’s not so hidden.


Still To Do:

There’s no real need to explain why I need to check out these iconic Toronto destinations, I just need to remind myself to get to them!

  1. St. Lawerence Market
  2. ROM
  3. Casa Loma
  4. Riverdale Farm (shut up, farms are fun!)
  5. I won’t even begin to list all of the restaurants I still want to check out.
  6. Also, there’s no end to the musical acts that perform here that I am always wanting to catch.


Speaking of to-do’s, there’s a ton of television shows, books and music I’ve been obsessing over and wanting to share – coming soon!

I’m heading back to my beloved city soon after a visit at home and I’ve included a snapshot of some of the weather that occurred while I was here:

Let that sink in. It’s OCTOBER! (No fear, the snow is gone now.)


Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re doing!.


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