Hibernation Entertainment

As the holiday season ramps up into full gear, our favourite shows are winding down for a winter hiatus. Once the beloved holiday season ends, come January 1st I feel a major post-Christmas low. I’m ready for spring. To me winter=Christmas. Once Christmas is over, I have no use for the snow and cold weather – you will not find me on the slopes. Canadian winters are long and dark, and sometimes you want nothing more than to hibernate until the spring thaw.

101 dalmations

Luckily, with the new year comes the return of some of my favourite shows, perfect for those nights in under a blanket with some tea (but not too many snacks, because new year’s resolutions, right?). So keep these dates in mind when you break out that 2013 calender (if you aren’t up to date on these shows, get caught up over Christmas, ya hear?)

1. Girls, Season 2 returns January 13th on HBO

Don’t hate on it because that’s the popular thing to do, just enjoy this awesome show.

2. Shameless (US Version), Season 3 returns January 13th on Showtime.

Seriously. Watch Shameless. Crazy family + outrageous antics make it a great comedy but the tight-knit family dynamics with this stellar cast make for some seriously moving moments.

3. The Walking Dead – The second half of Season 3 returns February 10th on AMC.

I cannot sum up my feelings about this show in a few words – I need to write a whole post about all of the tv feelings this show gives me. If you have not seen the third season of TWD yet, you are seriously missing out on hands down some of the best television being made. Get yourself acquainted with our not-so-merry band of zombie apocalypse survivors ASAP! Then proceed to live in stress until the cliff-hanger is resolved in February.

4. Game of Thrones, Season 3 returns March 31st on HBO.

I wrote earlier this year about how I have become obsessed with this show. I can’t wait for its return – still so far away! It’s so hard to avoid book spoilers, so I have begun divulging myself into the book world. I’m only on the first book, so we’ll see how far I get before show returns later this winter. GoT is another one of those shows that leaves you in a constant state of “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!” and also has short seasons, so there’s no reason you can’t get caught up before the third season begins in March.

Are you eagerly awaiting the returns of any particular shows?


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