Valentine’s Day: Top 3 Must-Haves

Valentine's Day Manicure 1. Manicure

The best accessory for Valentine’s Day? A heart-inspired mani of course! What better way to showcase the hues of this holiday better than through some nail art. Thanks to those at the #ILoveEssence event, I’m sporting “Femme Fatal” (and a black heart of course!)

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

2. Cupcakes

Combining the two things I like about Valentine’s Day – the colour scheme and the tasty treats. Eat something cute and full of sugar today, why don’t you?

 the mindy project

3. The Mindy Project’s Valentine’s Day Episode

The show continues its When Harry Met Sally-esque storyline with Harry & Mindy, where Mindy attempts to date a guy who has a very close female best friend. The episode has an additional classic romantic comedy homage to Sleepless in Seattle, with Mindy obsessed with spending Valentine’s Day at the so-called most romantic destination, the Empire State Building. Between those two movie references, a cameo by Common, a hilarious B-plotline featuring Jeremy attempting to teach Morgan how to pick up girls, and of course a just enough Mindy-Danny scenes, this episode is the perfect Valentine’s Day viewing. If you hadn’t realized it yet, I LOVE THIS SHOW!

So there’s my round-up for fun things to enjoy on this day of hearts and cupids.

As a bonus, for some romantic music, let’s all appreciate the fact that JT is back in the music-making business. I’ll leave you with his latest, Mirrors.


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