Fashion Picks, GIFs & Music of the Week

So I missed the ball on the Oscar blogging train and the night has been covered to death, but since it’s like the Superbowl to me, I’ve got to include some highlights:

JLaw meets Jack Nicholson. Hilarity ensues.

JLaw is forever gif-able:

Jennifer Lawrence Meeting Jack Nicholson

While I thought Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron killed it in the wardrobe department, I’d really like to be Samantha Barks. Damn!

Samantha Barks Oscars 2013
 Image via Just Jared

Moving on from movies, I don’t think I can stress enough about my love for The Mindy Project. Seriously, get on the watching train.

the mindy project game of thrones

the mindy project urban outfitters

the mindy project urban outfitters2

And finally, to send you off into the new week with some new ear worms. I’ve been on a Frank Ocean kick these days, and I’m really loving these two tracks of his:




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