I see you, Spring.

Spring may not have officially sprung yet, but boy, am I ready for it. Dresses have been donned at work (with tights, of course) and walking around the city has become joy instead of a pain. No more cursing at icy and slushy sidewalks!

Maneuvering oneself in this city can cause major frustration throughout the winter, but give me a dash of warm (er) temperatures and a sunny afternoon and I fall in love with Toronto all over again. It was so refreshing to be able to meet with friends and actually spend time walking around outside yesterday, instead of dashing indoors to escape from the elements. I was delighted it was nice enough to wear a leather jacket yesterday and even more elated to rock a jean jacket today. FREEDOM FROM WINTER COATS!

I am itching for patio season. I’ve already started drumming up a list of my favourite warm weather activities in the city (patio drinks, Queen West shopping, Toronto Islands, Jay’s games, Trinity Bellwoods, Menchies dates, to name a few) and I can’t wait to start doing them all! Please Mother Nature, keep the cold weather at bay – it’d be crushing to go back to snow after this weekend’s sweet taste of spring!

Speaking of being out and about in the city, here’s some stuff I’ve checked out recently:

Dark Horse Espresso

 Dark Horse Expresso

I’ve hit up two of their four locations. I prefer the larger Spadina Avenue spot. These shops are adorable and another great place for a god cup of Joe in the city.

Buytopia.ca’s $100 Million Celebration


My friend, the charming Val, helped put on a lovely event in honour of the company saving Canadians $100 million in the last year. I picked up a chic three band ring and a camera thermos, similar to one I had been eyeing on the internet. [Sidenote: I know its uber-lame to blog without pics, but my iPod camera is cruddy, my iPhone was stolen last year and I just am not into the Android I am using. Whipping out my digital camera just seems so archaic these days!  It’s also not even that good of a camera.]

Just as we adjust our clothes for the awakening of spring, the sunny weather always makes me want to listen to tunes that reflect my much-improved mood. Check out these three pretty songs, perfect for a day like today.


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