Things I’ve Been Meaning to Blog About: Summer in the City Edition

toronto skyline 2013

Once again lazy blogging comes from a busy life. Many things going on, unsure about where it’s all heading, so I have neglected updating ye old blog.

I have been enjoying the summer in the city, even if the city seems to have forgotten what sunshine is. So here’s the abridged version of what I’ve enjoyed in the past two-ish months:

  • $2.50 Thursday drinks at Wide Open, a literal whole in the wall
  • Willingly venturing to Parkdale for the yumminess that is Grand Electric
  • Trinity Bellwoods afternoons (and subsequent sunburns)
  • Many a patio drink
  • Speed reading my way through Lean In
  • Canada Day fireworks at Woodbine Beach (also a touch rainy)
  • First Jays game of the season (They lost horribly. I thought they were doing well?!)

And my favourite, latest discovery? The Magnum Pleasure Store. Yes, that’s right, make your own freaking Magnum ice cream bar! The store is only around till July 28th, so get your ice cream-loving selves down to 11 Bloor Street West soon!

magnum ice cream bar toronto

The summer is flying by but there’s still lots to do. I have yet to hit up the Toronto Islands this year, and I have two concerts to look forward to, Solange and Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z. Yes, that means I am seeing Beyonce’s sister and husband, but not B herself. If anyone would like to change that, please let me know.

I’ve also got a few summer flicks on my must-watch list: Frances Ha, The Bling Ring and The Way, Way Back.

What have you been checking out this summer? What’s still on your bucket list for summer ’13?



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