Polar Vortex 2014: Time to Stay Inside and Watch TV

Feeling like -40C with the wind chill? Ain’t nobody got time for that. the mindy project television I personally find January the most depressing month of the year – no more holidays, and only cold weather and darkness outside. While I’m longing for summer, patio drinks and chances to wear rompers, at least I’ve got my favourite shows back on TV to keep me warm. Tonight two of my most beloved comedies are back – New Girl and The Mindy Project, starting at 9PM on Fox and CityTV. While Mindy is going on a winter hiatus, it’s not happening yet – we’ve got three sure-to-be glorious episodes this month before its break. The hilarious and underrated comedy will then return in April.

January also hails new seasons of some of my favourite shows. The outrageously inappropriate yet fantastic Shameless returns on January 12th, as does Lena Dunham’s Girls. The trailers for this season of Girls have me with high hopes for this season.

Showtime has amazingly put the Shameless premiere online ahead of it official start date and unsurprisingly, it’s a great one. I was worried we might get less of Mickey Milkovich this season, but fear not, the premiere has several awesome Mickey scenes aka ALL THE FEELZ. Since outdoor activities are a no-no for me during these Arctic-feeling months, I’m making my way through some older television shows for the first time. On the docket at the moment: Six Feet Under, Primeval and Sons of Anarchy. What shows are you excited for this winter? Doing any binge watching of your own? Keep warm, folks!


4 thoughts on “Polar Vortex 2014: Time to Stay Inside and Watch TV

  1. mylifeinalabcoat

    Is it pathetic that I was super thrilled for grey’s to be back from winter hiatus last week (god I’m a die hard fan)

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