Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

I’ve crossed the deserts for miles Swam water for time Searching places to find A piece of something to call mine A piece of something to call mine…

Starting is the hardest part. Blog absence always leaves the question of “Where do I begin?” So many times I’ve thought of ideas I’ve wanted to chronicle here, but then the moment passes. I’ve resigned to stop letting the pressure of composing a post interfere with the joy of writing and sharing. It’s time for what I say I love to be a priority. On that note, I am looking forward to spring and summer (if they ever truly arrive). Bright, warm days in Toronto – there is nothing else that rejuvenates and inspires me more. While I’ve yet to have a patio drink this season ( a fact that truly pains me), I have found my new destination for delectable frozen and/or baked treats: Baker Bots Baking. Customize your own ice cream sandwich? Yes, please!

Heaven on Earth - Ice Cream Sammie from Baker Bots Baking
Heaven on Earth – Ice Cream Sammie from Baker Bots Baking

Three-and-a-half years in Toronto and there is still so much of this vast city I have yet to see and experience. Urban living can be isolating, and we can get into a routine of constant work and doing the same old things with our circle of friends. Truth is, there are endless possibilities to discover here and sometimes you’ve just got to break out of the mold and try something new. In addition to warm days and cold drinks, I’m looking forward to a lot of live music in the next few months: Wye Oak, HAIM and seeing lots of good bands at Field Trip (hopefully this makes up for another year of not getting it together to go to Osheaga). Also, being the best daughter and seeing Micheal Buble with my mom on her birthday – okay, no lies – I’m looking forward to it as well! While warmer weather should encourage us to be outside more, there is no denying my tv obsession will not wane in the summer months. Game of Thrones is currently keeping me on the edge of my seat and The Mindy Project continues to be my Absolute Favourite Thing. Two more episodes of Mindy this season, so WATCH (or get on binge watching. Like ASAP). Filing under: Things You May Not Be Watching But Definitely Should Be – Broad City. This Amy Poehler-produced comedy staring Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer is so freaking funny & ridiculously perfect. Go forth and enjoy! What are you looking forward to checking out this summer in the city?


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