All I Need in This Life of Sin…Is A Beyonce & Jay Z Tour

Everything I've Ever Wanted Out of Life
Everything I’ve Ever Wanted Out of Life


It is happening. This is not a dream. July 9th, 2014. After all those years of wishing I could one day see Bey & Jay take the stage together to perform, IT IS FINALLY COMING TRUE!

My goal of seeing the entire Knowles-Carter clan in concert will soon be complete. I saw Solange and Jay Z (alongside JT) perform last July, but I missed out on tickets to Queen B herself. I remember seeing Twitter blow up at the spotting of Beyonce and Jay Z in Yorkville on the day of Jayโ€™s Legends of Summer tour. I was hoping so much that Mrs. Carter would be making an appearance, but of course she had her own concert that night in the States.

This is IT yโ€™all. Every listening of Bonnie & Clyde 03, Crazy in Love and Drunk in Love has been leading to this.

SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT. Are you heading to the #OnTheRun tour this summer?


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