All I Need in This Life of Sin…Is A Beyonce & Jay Z Tour

Everything I've Ever Wanted Out of Life
Everything I’ve Ever Wanted Out of Life


It is happening. This is not a dream. July 9th, 2014. After all those years of wishing I could one day see Bey & Jay take the stage together to perform, IT IS FINALLY COMING TRUE!

My goal of seeing the entire Knowles-Carter clan in concert will soon be complete. I saw Solange and Jay Z (alongside JT) perform last July, but I missed out on tickets to Queen B herself. I remember seeing Twitter blow up at the spotting of Beyonce and Jay Z in Yorkville on the day of Jay’s Legends of Summer tour. I was hoping so much that Mrs. Carter would be making an appearance, but of course she had her own concert that night in the States.

This is IT y’all. Every listening of Bonnie & Clyde 03, Crazy in Love and Drunk in Love has been leading to this.

SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT. Are you heading to the #OnTheRun tour this summer?


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