TV Feelings: Emmy Nominations 2014

My reaction to my faves being snubbed my the Emmys AGAIN
My reaction to my faves being snubbed by the Emmys AGAIN

One day I will know better then to expect award shows to truly reflect those deserving, rather than making a few right decisions while largely sticking to what they know (ie formulaic, was-good-three-seasons-ago, etc).

I’ll just start right off by saying I was gunning for The Mindy Project to finally have its day. Hilarious, full of heart and with two impeccable leads, this show is deserving of nods for Best Comedy Series, Lead Actress (Mindy Kaling) and Lead Actor (Chris Messina).

the mindy project mindy danny

Not only did this show get passed over again, Mindy Kaling was onstage to announce the nominations, standing there while she and her show were NOT announced. She obviously did so with grace, inspiring Vulture to dub itย  “Best Actress in an Emmys Nominations Announcement Who Had to Keep Reading the TelePrompTer Even After Her Snub: Mindy Kaling.” After being included in so many lists and panels about the Emmys, the fact that the show, Mindy & Chris were overlooked reinforces the fact that the Emmy voters are out of touch.

My second biggest Emmy heartbreak is for Shameless. Shameless actually did score two acting nods, but for two “big names” – who in my opinion, have smaller roles that are not the focus of the show. The insanely talented younger cast was ignored, as well as the show’s tremendous writing, and the show overall. This year the show submitted itself as a comedy rather than drama (funny, as this was the series was dramatic season yet), an attempt that only benefited William H. Macy and Joan Cusack.

emmy rossum shameless

The fact that Shameless has been on since 2011 and Emmy Rossum has not had a damn nomination is a television award show crime. What she’s done as Fiona is incredible. See here and here for just a snippet of what she can do (spoilers, obvi).

noel fisher shameless

Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich is the definition of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Especially for the past two seasons, Noel has given Mickey tremendous depth, and he has an ability to make a larger-than-life character shine in subtle moments. Hilarious and heartbreaking, Noel has proven he has an insane wealth of talent. This year critics began to take note, but somehow his work is still being overlooked by the Academy.

I could list my gripes for days, (They will never look at the acting on The Walking Dead, will they? Melissa McBride, though! How you can nominate Girls but ignore Zosia Mamet and Andrew Randall, I don’t understand. PARENTHOOD, come ON. I haven’t seen Orphan Black but I hear the #CloneClub cries. But I digress.), but that’s not to say there were not many deserving nods. I love the amount of attention Orange is the New Black received (most importantly, the three “guest actress” nods – this is truly an ensemble show). Game of Thrones cleaned up nicely. Girls was recognized for Lena Dunham and Adam Driver. This is our final goodbye to Breaking Bad. As someone who has just started watching Veep, Julia Louis Dreyfus is a goddess. Amy Poehler! There are a lot of nods for shows I am not watching (a girl’s gotta leave the house sometimes) that I know are well-loved, and I am glad to see those recognized.

Check out the full list here. I almost want to boycott the awards, but I know I can’t resist watching. Will you tune in if your faves were ignored? Or will you tune in to cheer and/or yell at the TV when the winners are announced?



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