In Which I Get Very Excited About Astrology – Leo Horoscope for July 2014

Jupiter in Leo is here y'all
Jupiter in Leo is here y’all

Indulge my whackjobness for this post (and spare me the Miss Cleo jokes).

Today marks the beginning of a very special time for my astrological sign, Leo. As of today, July 16th, Jupiter enters into Leo (staying until August 2015). This sort of astrological goodness only happens every twelve years. What does this mean? Well, according to many an online astrologer, it’s a dynamo year for Leos to make their dreams come true and all that jazz. (Fact – I actually remember reading about it when it was last in my sign in 2002-2003. I ripped out a horoscope from a magazine and pinned it to my cork board for a long time. Don’t particularly remember that necessarily being my favourite year, however. Hoping for better astrologicalness this time.)

Anyways, you’re either eye-rolling at this information or Googling to see when Jupiter next enters your sign, be real.

Confession: I can’t help but eat up every horoscope calling for amazing opportunities, so what’s the harm in using it for a little motivation?

If you’re a Leo like me, have some fun and check out these links:

Susan Miller’s got a big breakdown of what it all means for Leos in her July forecast.

Leah Whitehorse has another analysis as well.

You read those and tell me you’re not excited for all the potential possibilities! 😉

Are you a fellow Leo? Reader of astrology or horoscope denier?



One thought on “In Which I Get Very Excited About Astrology – Leo Horoscope for July 2014

  1. AriesIntrovert

    No eyerolling here. The astrology bug hit me like a hammer many years ago and I am constantly checking the transits for what planet is forming a conjunction with one of my natal planets/asteroids or chart angle. 😉

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