Sunday Required Reading

It’s been quite a week in the world. It can be a lot to digest but I urge to tap into the important conversations happening on Twitter and online. In the words of poet Elana Bell, “a village is always somewhere burning / and if you do not look because it is not your village / it is still your village.”

On Ferguson:

This Is Why We’re Mad About the Shooting of Mike Brown

Jesse Williams On the Depiction of Michael Brown:

On Robin Williams and Depression:

Robin Williams’ Death: A Reminder That Suicide and Depression Are Not Selfish

Why the Funniest People Are Sometimes the Saddest

On Thought Catalog (and it’s rampant transphobia & racism, etc)

Go Home Thought Catalog, You’re Drunk

On Women Against Feminism:

Entitlement and Apathy, The Case of Women Against Feminism


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