Sunday Song: Surrender

via Tumblr

Nothing like a weekend of spring-like weather to inspire some spring cleaning – including dusting the cobwebs off my corner of the internet. Made a few updates & picked out a shiny new theme. Blog inspiration always seems to hit on Sunday evenings (and in the middle of the day, when I can’t update..therefore leading to ongoing blog droughts…). ย I’ve resolved to make this space a priority to get the creative juices flowing. While I’ve got ideas for what I want to focus on, ย this is just a quick post to get this blog feeling alive again.

In honour of my habit of returning after long hiatuses on Sunday nights, I’ve got a Sunday Song picked out. Even though we’ve had a bizarrely warm winter (one that I am 100% okay with, even if it means our collective deaths by global warming is fast approaching – what can I say, I hate winter), the temperatures got down right frigid recently, and this weekend’s warm up was so welcome. My mind has sprung ahead to spring: give me Easter, rompers, sunshine and patios. To me, certain songs evoke the feeling of spring: light, warm and hopeful. This lovely tune was featured in one of my current favourite shows, Jane the Virgin. Happy Sunday!



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