It Takes a Village


If you’re wondering how this happened, you need to become well acquainted with the words “misogyny” and “white supremacy” – that’s a start.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you we live in some sort of post-racial/post-sexist world that’s “too PC,” because newsflash, we don’t. Don’t think that these sorts of things don’t matter – these issues are the building blocks of the problems that got America here. The most qualified candidate lost to an overcooked yam because he stoked the fire of the fears of The Other and he went unquestioned while she was crucified. Don’t ever worry about the straight white man – he will always be fine; they fail upwards. Nothing has EVER been taken from them to “take back” – it’s simply seeing others gain rights and strides being made that they fear. Straight white men are no minority; they are not, and have never been, “persecuted” – don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

It is truly shameful and disheartening to see that 53% of white women voted for Trump – women who decided their hatred of others mattered more than their own freedoms; women who abandoned their POC & LGBTQ sisters. Many of these were Evangelical Christian women who decided even though Trump was obviously not “Christ-like,” their personal, so-called “pro-life” stance was more important than the ACTUAL LIVES of others.

This was not a “anti-elite” protest; the wealthiest of America voted for Trump. Privileged people (who either have nothing to lose, or do not yet realise what they have to lose) chose their ideology as the hill they would die on to vote third party instead of voting for Hillary. I don’t know where these people have been, but pre-Obama, do you really think that the Democratic nominee was someone that spoke 100% to the left/women/POC/LGBTQ etc? NO, but they voted for those old white guys anyways, because that’s what had to be done.

The Hillary that ran in 2016 was actually MORE progressive than Obama in 2008 & 2012, but she was sidelined by blatant lies and distractions. Her qualifications, life-long public service, and all the good she has done, was undermined by the fact that she was an ambitious and imperfect woman. Yes, she was imperfect and has made mistakes and wrong decisions. See here kids, that is what 30 some years of public service will get you. You better rake every male candidate over the coals from now on, like you did her, and demand “perfection” from them. I would like a list of your Perfect Past Presidents. I do not care if you did not “like” Hillary – but see, she’s not your Mommy or your girlfriend, so you don’t know what to do with her.

Do not be mistaken – America is paying for electing a black president for 8 years, because that is how deeply ingrained racism is in that country. President Obama has had to put up with so much till the very bitter end. And now the first black president has to hand over the presidency to a man who was endorsed by the KKK. And the VP? Mike Pence, who believes in electrocuting the gay out of people.

To paraphrase DJ Khaled: Congratulations, America. You played yourself.


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